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Sunday Morning Worship, 11:30 AM in the main sanctuary

Here at “The Light,” we have a time of unity reciting our creeds and prayer, time of celebration with uplifting and encouraging Praise and Worship, often special testimonies of life change, and an anointed expository Biblical message that exhorts you to move into a deeper relationship with the King of Kings.



Water baptism is a public declaration of committing to Jesus Christ. At "The Light," we invite new believers to be baptized. It identifies us with Jesus in His death and resurrection. It's also a time for celebration.

Communion Service

We commemorate Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection and promise to take us home with Him. On second Sundays, we fulfill Jesus' instruction when we gather.

Children Church

We partner with parents to lead children to follow Christ. Kids aged 3-12 learn biblical truths and real-life lessons through age-specific lessons and activities, which can be applied in daily life and schooling.

Praise and Worship

True worship is God-centered worship. Worship is reserved only for God. Only He is worthy, not any of His servants or anything else. We worship in spirit and in truth. We acknowledge God and all His power and glory. Join us in song, dance, and Word as we celebrate Christ holiness.


There are many ways to help and make a difference, like teaching kids about Jesus, welcoming guests, volunteering with production, distributing food, supporting a ministry, or bringing hope through evangelistic efforts.


Believers will be taken from this world to meet Jesus in the air. "The Light" is fully awake, waiting, and watching for His appearance.


Even after thirty years, I am still amazed by God’s calling on my life to pastor “The LIGHT” ministry. By His grace and mercy, we have consistently built His Kingdom as led by the Holy Spirit. Reflecting on the countless ways God has allowed us to experience Him, I can’t help but praise Him for His faithfulness. My ministry goals are to keep salvation simple, empower believers with biblical knowledge, help Believers grow to the full stature of Jesus Christ, and prepare my members for the Rapture. Love is the guiding force of our ministry.

GROUP PRAYER on this sunday

The Pastor’s Bible Study and Discipleship Class meet virtually every Thursday at 7PM on FBlive, and Sunday Morning Conversations @ 10:15!

We know it is important that we are continuously growing in our relationship with the Lord as well as in relationships with one another. Virtually we meet to study the Bible on Thursday night, and Sunday Morning Conversation at 10:15, before service. Sunday Morning Conversation is not like the traditional Sunday school. But it is more like a conversation about key events in the bible with the ministry leaders with real life application.

Sunday Traditional Service

Walk in The Light


Water Baptism is an incredibly important moment in every Believer’s faith journey. It is the public declaration of a person’s commitment to Jesus Christ. At “The Light,” we invite all new Believers to be baptized. When we are immersed into the water during baptism, we identify ourselves with Jesus in his death and burial. When we are raised up out of the water, we identify ourselves with the Resurrection of Jesus and the hope of eternal life. Baptism also gives the rest of us an opportunity to celebrate with you!


Whether helping kids learn about Jesus in our Children’s Church ministry, welcoming first-time guests, pitching in behind-the-scenes with ministry production team, distributing food in the community, undergird a ministry, or bringing hope thru evangelistic efforts, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make a difference!

grapes, wheat, bread and wine in a wood table


It is a special occasion to commemorate the Death, Burial, Resurrection, and the promise Jesus made to his Believers that he will come back to take us with him. On the second Sunday, we fulfill Jesus' instruction to do this whenever we gather.



We are a church that fully embraced the anticipation of The Rapture, a time when the church will be taken out of the world. Many churches no longer speak of The Rapture but “The Light” is fully awoke, waiting, and watching for Second Appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ. Matthew 24:30-31, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18.

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